Feb.6, 2016
Chinese New Year Wishes from OSI Group 
To our friends, colleagues, customers and partners,
Happy Chinese New Year!
Over our many years of working in China, we have always looked forward to this time of celebration and reflection. It reminds us of the importance of enjoying time with our families after a full year of honest work and dedication in our professional lives. On the eve of this holiday, we are both reflective of the past and hopeful for our future in China.
OSI has been doing business in China for more than 25 years and maintains the highest standard of food safety in the industry, as well as a robust, forward-thinking approach to our China operations. This past year involved many months of legal proceedings and the detainment of Husi employees. And the year ended with the court of jurisdiction reaching a verdict. It is our hope as we enter the New Year that, upon reconsideration, all detained employees will be immediately released and returned to their families. 
It has also been a year in which OSI worked diligently on new efforts in its role as a world-wide leader in food safety and quality control, particularly in China. One example of these efforts, is the joint effort among Peking University (PKU), Tel Aviv University (TKU) and the OSI Group to establish an interdisciplinary academic research and training center to be located, in part, at the new School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences at PKU.
This unique center will bring together leading Chinese and Israeli scientists and experts to advance the important field of Food Security. PKU and TKU, together with the global food industry leadership of OSI, will equip a new generation of specialists, both future academics and industry leaders, with the knowledge to develop and implement a range of innovative solutions. OSI is well positioned to contribute in this way in China, with eight locations throughout the country. OSI’s quality products and services are relevant to many aspects of agricultural research and production, and our established track record of partnerships with over 30 universities (see the attached list) in China provides the basis for the successful partnership with PKU and TAU in founding the center.
OSI looks forward to working with the local authorities to reopen the Shanghai Husi and Hebei facilities in order for its people to participate at one of the focal points for implementation of the PKU/TAU solutions, as well as in additional research and development in the areas of food safety, food security and quality assurance. 
The Year of the Monkey holds great promise, and we look forward to working each day with every one of you to make that promise a reality. May this year be one of growth and progress, for our family and yours.